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Services Offered

Focusing on Reconciling, Restoring, and Renewing Relationships

Individual Therapy

This is a time for you... time for you to feel heard; time for you to feel seen; time for you to feel understood; time for you to be you!


In my safe, cozy, and non-judgmental space, you can focus on Connecting, Restoration, and Renewal!

Invest in yourself, believe in yourself, and let's begin your journey toward transcending the developmental, generational, and intergenerational trauma you may have experienced.  

Young Woman with Folded Arms
Happy Couple

Couples Counseling

You made the commitment, you invested in your relationship, but lately you may feel like you are more like roommates than committed partners. To top it all off, arguments abound leaving one or both of you feeling exhausted, drained, and alone! 


Then couples counseling may be ideal for you. As a trained Gottman Level I and Developmental Model couple's therapist, you can rest assured that these and other relationship complications can be addressed leading to a healthier, and more sustained relationship!

Pre-Marital Counseling

You did it... you got the ring, you proposed, and you are in the planning stages of your 



You're busy preparing for the wedding, but what about the MARRIAGE!

Attending pre-marital counseling involves discussing various dynamics that can occur in a marriage and explore how to best address them. It can also provide a buffer against premature divorce.

Prepare for a better, longer, healthier marriage today. 

Holding Hands

Discernment Counseling

Sometimes, during the course of your marriage, you become disillusioned and wonder if the relationship is salvageable. Typically, couples counseling is the direction taken to help the marriage, however, it actually may not be the best first step.


Discernment counseling is designed for couples on the brink of divorce. It is NOT couples counseling. It IS counseling when one or both partners are uncertain about the viability of their marriage and are on the fence about whether they should divorce.


The focus is on determining IF the problems in the marriage are solvable. My role is to help each of you understand and gain greater clarity about whether you should keep things the same in your relationship, move toward divorce, or try couples counseling in order to reconcile, restore, and renew your marriage to a healthy one.

So if you are uncertain about what direction to take, Discernment Counseling may be a good fit.

Couple Intensives/Retreats

​I get it... life get's hectic! You want to work on your marriage/relationship, you know something has to change, but with work, kids, COVID, etc. who has the time to attend sessions...


That's why I offer weekend intensives and 4-day retreats! Designed for couple in crisis, or those who just want to get results quicker, the weekend intensives or 4-day retreats focus on research-based approaches (i.e., Gottman and Developmental Model) to get you closer to the happier, healthier, sustainable, and loving relationship!

Contact me for a FREE 10-minute consult to discover if Intensives/Retreats are right for you!

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